Your conference attendees come for two things: 1.) great content and 2.) inspiration to spark personal successes. When you book me to speak, meeting those two objectives become my promise to you.

My approach. Does it fit your conference?

Actionable insights, backed by practical experience, industry research, and 20+ years generating sales leads and revenue online. If you were to go on a deep dive through my blog posts onΒ kaleidico.comΒ andΒ billrice.comΒ as well as my past talks you will consistently find a few consistent structures to my presentation style:

  • Professional, energetic, and passionate about my topic
  • Practical examples fromΒ my agencyΒ that is on the lead generation battlefield everyday - fighting for performance and results to get paid
  • Industry and marketplace analysis - where is lead generation and digital marketing headed?
  • Provocations - insights into things that I'm questioning as well as pushing the audience to question their thinking. These are the things that start hallway conversations and in these times, online debates

If you're planning a conference, virtual or live contact me.

Let's see if there's a fit.

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