90 Day Sales & Marketing Plan

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30-60-90 Day Sales & Marketing Plan

How to generate and close leads as a new marketing director - immediately, every time, guaranteed

Justify their failures

Most new marketing directors let valuable time slip away.

90 days isn't much time without a clear plan.

And, without quick wins your credibility and influence will swiftly leave you powerless.

Allay their fears

But, with an intentional 30-60-90 day sales and marketing plan you can achieve remarkable results - every time

Throw rocks at their enemies

My approach will teach you to leverage your outsider/consultant honeymoon phase to head-off the stick in the mud naysayers and identify influential allies.

Our process to Understand, Assess, and Optimize will rapidly reveal strengths and opportunities and fix or avoid weaknesses and threats.

Confirm suspicions

Most organizations hold on tight to old ways, even if they're less effective - comfortable in their current paradigm.

This is the primary source of failed sales and marketing plans and new marketing directors.

Our plan helps the organization and influencer through a process of rediscovery that you'll lead.

Encourage their dreams

Through this process they will have the opportunity to be creative and hopeful in improving things they long ago gave up as lost causes.

Goal 1: The Opportunity

This presentation is for two types of people:

  1. New marketing directors looking to make an immediate impact
  2. Marketing directors looking to achieve new breakout results

Goal 2: The Big Domino

Qualify Yourself

Epiphany Bridge Story 1 (Origin Story)

Liken Your Story to Them

Case Study Proof

Transition to the 3 Secrets

Secret 1


Share Your Epiphany Bridge

Show Other People's Results

Break the Related Belief

Restate the New Belief as and Undeniable Truth

Secret 2

Secret 3

Transition to Selling

The Question

The Stack