This page is a quick synopsis of what I’m currently working on.

I’ve always been curious and inspired by human behavior and what influences that behavior. I fuel this fascination with my work in online lead generation for clients, but probably began in earnest during my time in the Air Force and later as a contractor working in counterintelligence.

This concept drives my favorite work projects.

Growing and Shaping My Digital Agency

I own and operate a digital agency - Kaleidico. We design websites and marketing campaigns that generate sales leads for mortgage lenders, law firms, SaaS companies, and weirdly enough senior living communities.

My goal in the last couple of years has been to transform it into a Hollywood-style agency to do this unique and multi-disciplinary work. We've been pretty successful at gathering together a cooperative to incredible individual and partner age

My next focus is to doubling down on this model by documenting our proven delivery systems to make it easier and faster to incorporate new talent while continuing to deliver the same high-quality, consistent lead generation outcomes.

Rebooting BillRice.com

I am rebooting BillRice.com.

I recently shifted my personal website to a Notion backend. The ideal was to shift this website from a publishing platform or finished work to an active workspace.

I figure if you wandered here you want to know more about Bill Rice the person - what I think and how I work - than Bill Rice the founder/CEO of Kaleidico. Hopefully, this lets you see a little deeper.

Some of the things you will see here on BillRice.com are my active pursuit of the things on this /now page.

Speaking & Workshops

  • Marketing - How to generate online leads
  • Sales - How to work and convert sales leads generated from the web
  • Work and Life Stuff - I'm increasingly interested in talking about how to work and live better. In a radically changed post-pandemic world, I think a lot of us are pondering these topics in a new context.

The concept of creating my own workshops on these concepts is new, but likely to gain some focus in my now.


I want to write a new book, or two or three. I probably need to put a stake in the ground and start writing, but here are a few thinkings I'm thinking about:

  • Write an updated edition of my first and only book, Simple SEO for Content Creators
  • Write a series of books on UX design, SEO, Content Creation, Email for lead generation, but from a unique philosophical approach, not necessarily a step-by-step. I would focus more on the learning and understanding the intersection of human behavior (sociology and psychology) and available technology that can be leveraged to influence consumer commerce. I could also add a layer of how effective lead generation practitioners also navigate regulatory constraint.
  • Write a simple, straightforward compendium of my philosophy on work and life

My goal with this pursuit is to create a more strategic body of work to support business development and speaking opportunities.


Outside of work, I spend my time with my family, traveling, and the occasional church planting or growth project.

Introduce Yourself

I’m a big fan of meeting new people and expanding my network one conversation at a time. Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself: bill.rice@kaleidico.com

(Inspired by Derek Sivers and the /now movement)