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Starting from Zero: Using My (Don't) PANIC Framework for Digital Marketing

When you’re trying to move the needle with your digital marketing efforts. It’s essential to have a proven framework and mental models to guide.
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How to Write Great Email Subject Lines

Writing email subject lines is the most neglected skill in email marketing. Bill Rice gives you his formula for writing consistent, email opening, subject lines.
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Why Do a Website Redesign

Should you redesign your website? Contrary to popular belief redesigning your website is not all about aesthetics. In fact, the number one reason for a website redesign should be business alignment.
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10 Steps to Increase Traffic on Every Blog Post

When publishing a new blog post start following this simple checklist to consistently gain more traffic from each article you write.
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What's Your Digital Marketing Plan for 2020

What are you planning for 2020? Take a peek at what I'm advising clients to focus on for their 2020 digital marketing plan.
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Don’t allow elegant spreadsheet models to lull your business into inaction

It’s really easy to hide in a spreadsheet and manipulate factors and assumptions until you get the results just right. The danger is that you’ll waste a lot of time, you’ll feel really good about the model, but you won’t have spent a single second doing anything to effect the top line goal.
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Law Firm Digital Marketing Guide [2019]

My law firm clients still love billboards, TV ads, trade journals, and PR. I won’t argue against the brand and credibility building for any of these tactics. However, in the moment of crisis, which is when most folks go looking for an attorney, our clients go to the Web and more accurately their mobile phones.
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How to write in an Internet world

If you want to see this in action, I recommend you watch Dave Winer. He might be a little divergent from the examples the author provided, but I think it’s a better example. But, here is why I think it’s a better example.
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Ever tried to think about your world in the context of the whole world?

Peter Zeihan goes on a fluid and riveting analysis of geopolitics and what, why, and potentially how each corner of the earth – people and nation-states – affect each other.
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What was your biggest compromise that led to your success?

The “compromise” to bring a partner into a business is a critical one. I think that people are designed to be in community and partnership to achieve our full potential and success. In business, as in a marriage, it’s a relationship that can be messy at times, but that’s probably the secret to strengthening and sharping the outcomes.
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