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Don’t allow elegant spreadsheet models to lull your business into inaction

It’s really easy to hide in a spreadsheet and manipulate factors and assumptions until you get the results just right. The danger is that you’ll waste a lot of time, you’ll feel really good about the model, but you won’t have spent a single second doing anything to effect the top line goal.
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Law Firm Digital Marketing Guide [2019]

My law firm clients still love billboards, TV ads, trade journals, and PR. I won’t argue against the brand and credibility building for any of these tactics. However, in the moment of crisis, which is when most folks go looking for an attorney, our clients go to the Web and more accurately their mobile phones.
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How to write in an Internet world

If you want to see this in action, I recommend you watch Dave Winer. He might be a little divergent from the examples the author provided, but I think it’s a better example. But, here is why I think it’s a better example.
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Ever tried to think about your world in the context of the whole world?

Peter Zeihan goes on a fluid and riveting analysis of geopolitics and what, why, and potentially how each corner of the earth – people and nation-states – affect each other.
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What was your biggest compromise that led to your success?

The “compromise” to bring a partner into a business is a critical one. I think that people are designed to be in community and partnership to achieve our full potential and success. In business, as in a marriage, it’s a relationship that can be messy at times, but that’s probably the secret to strengthening and sharping the outcomes.
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Do I Need Content Marketing Strategy or SEO Strategy? Use Both to Your Advantage!

Maybe you’ve heard that using a content marketing strategy generates three times the amount of leads compared to traditional types of outbound marketing (and over 60% cheaper to boot). But maybe you’ve also heard that 82% of marketers say that the importance of SEO is rising significantly.
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How to Generate Sales Leads for Your Sales Team – 5 Tips for Consistent Lead Generation (2019)

It’s no secret that marketing and sales go hand in hand. One study showed that businesses who aligned their marketing and their sales functions saw not only a 38% increase in sales win rates, but also a 36% increase in customer retention.
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Multilingual Conversational AI Opening Up Global Markets

One of the most significant barriers to going global is language. Most of our approaches serving customers in other countries that speak different languages are clunky at best – translating a couple of key web pages, launching a micro-site, or just hoping Google translate does the job for our non-English speaking visitors.
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Conversational AI is Eating the Web

Is it possible that beautifully frustrating browsers and websites disappear? Could these essential tools of daily life and work become technology footnotes alongside Usenet, Gopher, IRC, DMoz as antiquated interfaces to all the Internet’s amazing treasures?
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The Art of the Creative Brief

The creative brief is essential to what I do. Creating effective marketing campaigns on demand is hard. There are unquestionably tried and true frameworks that increase the probability of your success, but producing epic, lead generating results come from creative edges.
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