Cold Calling Swipe File

Techniques to win the first 30 seconds of a cold call

Have a goal for each call

Plan your question in advance

Should you use a script? Yes.

Create and use scripts like an actor uses a script.

How to build your script.

  1. Create curiosity
  2. Get to the point. Don't hide the context of your call.
  3. Be polite and ask permission to continue.
  4. Use questions to make it about them.
  5. Test close: price, process, timeline?
  6. Never forget to set next steps

Mirror and match

From the moment they answer, begin matching their the speed, tone, and language they are using.

Learn more about the mirror and match technique

Use an Assumptive Approach

If they answer something like this, "Hello. This is John." Reply back: "Hey, John this is Bill..."

If the wrong person answers the phone. Let's say you're calling for John and Sue answers say, "Can you pass the phone to John."

You're trying to create a "I might know this person" feel.

Stop saying, "how are you doing?"

Get right to business...

If I hear noise or disruptions in the background, it's reasonable to say something like, "I can tell you have some other things going on, I know an okay time?" Or, "Do you have a minute?"

Quickly answer all of their questions:

  1. Who is this? "This is Bill with Kaleidico."
  2. How long are they going to keep me on the phone? "I'm only going to take a couple of minutes."
  3. What do they want? "What are you currently doing for..." Or, "when was the last time you..." Or, "how do you..." I like starting with an open ended question.

Focus on learning, not selling on cold calls

Focus all your questions and discussion on them, not you

Don't overwhelm your client or try to close on the first call

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