Why Do a Website Redesign

  1. Users are using websites differently - social media to website
  2. Users are using different technology to access your website - mobile phone
  3. Your website is broken, hard to use, proprietary, or held captive by a third-party or IT
  4. Your marketing or sales has become more complex - you wan to optimize the buyer’s journey
  5. Need to realign with new business objectives - mergers and acquisitions or expansion
  6. Your brand should change, is changing, or has changed
  7. Website is lacking trustworthiness or credibility - You have outdated technology
  8. Your website has a poor foundation
    1. Inadequate webhosting
    2. Inadequate CMS
    3. Website is difficult to update and maintain
    4. Website is difficult to add functionality
  9. Your website isn’t competitive in your marketplace