What the Heck are Aged Leads?

What the heck are aged leads?!

It all starts with Internet leads

Insurance Lead Companies
  • NextGen Leads
  • Contactability by SmartFinancial
  • ZipQuote
  • Hometown Quotes
  • AllWebLeads
  • InsureMe
  • AgentInsider
  • PreciseLeads
  • QuoteWizard
Mortgage Lead Companies

Lending Tree






Insurance Lead Generation sites

Internet leads that have aged

Yep, the same leads, just older

What are the benefits?

  1. Affordable
  2. No longer competing
  3. Get the volume you need
  4. Excellent for training
  5. Affordable
  6. Real time? pressure, competition, expensive, can't get enough volume to hit quota

Is there a downside?

  1. Emails change or are ignored - 30% change per year + average person now has 2.5 emails
  2. Phone numbers change - this is seemingly decreasing with number portability - why text messaging campaigns are so effective
  3. You are outside of the "intent window"
  4. You definitely need a system. You don't want expensive sales resources doing something that 70%+ is not going to be productive

How can I use aged leads successfully?

  1. Legal disclaimer: I am not your attorney, general counsel, or compliance officer. Every organization, business, and sales operation is unique. Therefore, I am only introducing you to approaches, techniques, and technologies that are available. However, I'm in no way telling you that they are legally or regulatory compliant in your context.
  2. Use a "cold" contact or lead management system first
    1. Text message - short, frequent bursts
    2. Ringless voicemail - every couple of days
    3. Email - once every 5-10 days, content
  3. Migrate responsive leads into CRM
    1. Continue nurturing at a slightly lower cadence
    2. Quarterly text and ringless voicemail check-in
    3. Bi-weekly content, education focused email campaign

Where do you find aged leads?


  • Reputation is everything. Time in business, quality of website and content, price.
  • Ask questions about where the leads come from
  • Some level of data cleansing and hygiene

Any final tips?

Aged leads are not a silver bullet, but they can be a great way to accelerate the growth of your business by...

  • Accelerating training
  • Accelerating building a database, book of business
  • Accelerating pipeline growth