The Hollywood Agency

The concept of a "Hollywood Agency" is one of the latest concepts in organizing and running marketing agencies. I was first introduced to this concept by Dan Mall, the founder of SuperFriendly.

Now, by definition an agency - advertising, marketing, or digital - is the dynamic organization and sourcing of the best talent to develop and execute the project or campaign. So, I'm not exactly sure why this concept of organizing your agency around just-in-time, best fit talent isn't more obvious. The ah-ha moment that I got from learning about this model has started a journey for Kaleidico of becoming a "Hollywood Agency."

This article is to help document that journey. I'll be discussing what Kaleidico is trying and thinking about as we implement this model.

Our goal being to create a strategic advantage for our clients and our team members. By gathering the best talent for each unique project or campaign, we achieve a high quality product for our clients and a more interesting workplace for our talent (team members).