Sales & Marketing: Law Firms

Legal Marketing Statistics

Who does the work on law firm website?

23% - outside provider or consultant

14% - firm marketing staff

14% - office manager/administrator

9% - other

Many firms, regardless of size, rely on a single attorney to carry the load of content creation for the firm's website - 39% reported that one lawyer creates the content for the firm's website

24% have a blog

76% maintain a presence in online communities or social networks

63% use Facebook

Avvo - 36% (skews smaller firms)

Martindale dropped from 41% to 31%

Linkedin declining

Trends by channels

Facebook - 35%

Email - 33%

Print - 25% (declingi)

Avvo - 20%


80% of prospective clients research firms online prior to engagement (for purely consumer practice areas, the number is over 92%)

Social Media:

35% of all private practice attorneys obtain clients through social media


53% of in-house counsel have completely disregarded retaining outside firms because of poor online presence

69% of review readers say online reviews must be written within 2-3 months to be relevant, 48% of prospects will visit a website after reading current, positive reviews, and over 65% of law firm prospects found online ratings/reviews to be “extremely or moderately influential in their decision”.

According to a study by Bloomberg Law and LMA, 47% of attorneys reported that hiring/increasing marketing staff was one of the top investments that have been most effective in developing new business; 62% say they are increasing focus on marketing and business development.

49% of law firms say their best marketing channel is buying web leads

Average leads cost anywhere from $25 – $250, depending on the nature of the case. But considering that most legal services cost a minimum of $500, it’s usually well worth the investment.

There are many reputable lead generation services for attorneys. If you are looking to get started, some services to consider include:

  • FindLaw
  • Nolo
  • Lawyers.com
  • Avvo
  • Unbundled Attorney
  • TotalAttorneys

42% of the time, law firms take an average of 3+ days to respond to a message from a new potential client


Legal Consumer Statistics

  • Over 33% of clients start looking for a lawyer online
  • 14% of consumers say handling issues legally seems too much trouble.
  • 59% of clients expect lawyers to be available outside office hours.
  • 68% of clients expect lawyers to be available outside their office.
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Market Surveys & Research

Brand Strategy (Naming)


In order of preference...

  1. Just a name, typically last name that can evolve into more of a legacy brand and the connectivity to the individual dissolves over time. Examples: honigman.com, dykema.com, kitch.com
  2. Last name + law, legal (attorney is rarely used). This is often how we navigate around domains being taken and not having to do a costly domain acquisition. Examples: bodmanlaw.com, jaffelaw.com, trottlaw.com, gmhlaw.com
  3. Multiple names - partners. Often easier as short names (domains) are often already taken. Disadvantage: often gets long and confusing to type in correctly. However, sometimes the combination meshes into an interesting brand name. Examples: millercanfield.com, clarkhill.com, howardandhoward.com