Law Firm Digital Marketing Guide [2019]

My law firm clients still love billboards, TV ads, trade journals, and PR. I won’t argue against the brand and credibility building for any of these tactics. However, in the moment of crisis, which is when most folks go looking for an attorney, our clients go to the Web and more accurately their mobile phones.

Digital is more important than ever, especially for law firms and attorneys.

Marketing and especially online marketing is probably not your expertise and might not even be a medium that you’re super familiar with, so the value of it might escape you. But, ignore it at your peril.

Here is my simple list of what every law firm should be doing online.

  1. Get an understanding of your brand’s digital footprint and experience. Too many law firms and attorneys have never experienced what clients see when searching for their firm or partners. Go ahead, search your firm’s name, it can be eye-opening, maybe even alarming.
  2. Conduct a competitive analysis of your online marketplace. Have a keyword marketplace analysis performed for both organic and paid search engine (i.e., Google and Bing) marketplaces. This report will give you a snapshot of where you sit compared to your competitors when clients go looking for your legal expertise or practice area.
  3. Take your keyword marketplace analysis and let it drive your content strategy. Use your keyword analysis to learn the language of your prospective clients. Then write or have commissioned content to satisfy those most popular and relevant search queries.
  4. Create content and SEO projects. Think in terms of topic series, coming at the same topic from a variety of perspectives. By writing multiple articles on similar concepts you can create density and diversity – useful in testing the Google “black box.” Then have a routine process for evaluating your content for opportunities to optimize, consolidate, or extend the content in these clusters to maximize traffic.
  5. Create more content. Attorney’s tend to be exceptional writers, but the Internet requires prolific writers. Creating sufficient content, consistently often requires engaging professional content creators.
  6. Grow your online footprint by using multiple channels. Combine SEO, PPC, social media, and local SEO to stack up numerous brand impressions. Using as many channels as possible and publishing frequently and consistently will enable you to be present at any stage of the “sales funnel,” from research to a moment of crisis.
  7. Make sure your website is mobile adaptive. You’ve probably heard how important it is to have a mobile responsive website. Experience and testing are showing us, and our clients, that taking that one step further and delivering a unique and fully-optimized mobile experience is essential. Mobile phones are becoming the primary computing device for many. Optimizing for that screen is frequently generating us anywhere between 3-10 times as many leads.
  8. Use email marketing to build your referral network. Referrals, from personal, professional, and past client networks, fuel most law firms, and attorneys with new client leads. Email is still the best way to build a rich database of referral partners and nurture them into a steady stream of new clients.
  9. Actively manage your brand and partner reputations. The business of justice can be contentious by its very nature. For this reason, it’s critical that you’re building a defensible search engine moat around your brand name and partners’ names. If you don’t, one negative press article can haunt your firm or a partner for years.
  10. Track, measure, analyze. If you want to ascend to or continue to command the dominant position in your practice area, nationally or regionally, you must know your current competitive situation online. Furthermore, you need to have a system that can warn you when competitors are moving against you, or someone is taking a shot at your good name. That’s the quick checklist. What questions do you have? Leave a comment below. I answer each one personally and look forward to helping.

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Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash