10 Steps to Increase Traffic on Every Blog Post

We've all heard that content is king, but that assumes that people are finding it.

Too often we spend hours creating content, publish it to our website, and hope that it will bring us customers.

  1. Start with a single keyword
  2. Survey that keyword with a Google search
  3. Make sure that your title, meta description, and first paragraph contain your keyword
  4. Outline your article before you start writing
  5. Always link (internal linking) to 1-2 other blog posts on your website
  6. Always link (internal linking) from at least one of your top five (by traffic) blog posts
  7. Include recommended additonal reading (external linking) to every article
  8. Create a YouTube video version of the article. Embed the video in the article.
  9. Promote on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram. Set up to regularly reshare.
  10. Send it out to your email list. Set up to regularly reshare.

This checklist will ensure that each of your blog posts have the appropriate keyword research, technical SEO, and social media signals to trigger Google's "there's something going on good over here." A little extra bit of consistent effort and discipline on each post will yield big traffic gains.