Day 2 Problem as it relates to web design and development

Most clients already have a website. Yet, most are not using their website to it's full potential.

Your website is the primary destination for new prospects and existing customers interested in engaging with your business. However, very few websites are positioned at the center of business operations and even sales and marketing operations.

This misalignment is often caused by the Day 2 Problem. Almost immediately after the launch of a new website obsolescence begins to set in. These frustrations occur because businesses are dynamic and fluid, but websites are assumed to be evergreen.

This leads to the problem with most websites. They begin to be avoided, ignored, and ultimately deteriorate into crisis. This begins the challenging process of advocating and fighting for a new budget variance, typically a very sizable addition, to completely blow up and redesign your website.

This approach to razing and rebuilding websites is ironically the last bastion of this approach in software. All of the other software that you use is incrementally iterated and improved and therefore remains an essential part of your daily workflow. And this incremental improvement is not supported by a large purchase, but rather a much smaller incremental (typically monthly or annual) investment.

We have a unique process that helps clients' websites stay relevant and innovative - quickly and for good value - despite the dynamic nature of your business, markets, and technology.