Lead nurturing system for aged leads

Lead Nurturing System for Aged Leads

What the heck are aged lead?

We won't dive too deep on this element of the topic, but it bears giving you a little context on who you are nurturing in this type of segment.

Aged leads can come from a variety of places:

  • Old leads that have gone unresponsive
  • A book of business that you have acquired, given, or available to you as a new agent or loan officer
  • You purchase aged leads from a lead broker. These are typically internet leads from a real-time lead provider that have not been fully sold or serviced. For example, if you tell the consumer that you are going to match them with 4-5 insurance companies or mortgage lenders an aged lead would have sold the lead less than those 4-5 times.

Warming up aged leads

  • Start simple and assumptive - Just checkin in...
  • Disarm their defensive brain
    • Tell them where you got their information
    • Who you are, and
    • Why you're calling them
  • At this stage you are sorting, not selling
    • DNC, is do not call - get them out of your database
    • Not interested, is not interested - move them to a different nurture segment
    • Not now, is a different nurture segment
  • Yes, is a real-time lead - push forward with your normal sales process

Let's look at a simple aged lead warm up campaign

Simple Aged Leads Scripts

Day 1

  • Call
  • Leave voicemail
  • Email
  • Text message

Day 3

  • Email

Day 10

  • Email
  • Call
  • Text message

Final disposition

  • Long-term content nurture campaign

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