Web 2.0 the Unifying Theory of the Web?

The Web 2.0 rhetoric is enjoyable to watch and the Web itself makes a perfect voyeuristic petri dish for the show. So, someone (obviously O'Reilly and he has the trademark to prove it) coins the unifying theory of the "new" Web business models, the antidote to the down cycle of the dot.com bust, the panacea [...]

Teaching Kids to Program

My 9 year old is showing an interest in learning to program. I am not sure where to start. I have been poking around, but I am not finding a lot of good starting points. I started with Basic and moved to Pascal. I am sure there are better options now. Any suggestions? UPDATE: I [...]

Algorithms as Rockstars

Bingo! Troy has hit it right on the nose. This is something Jeff Bell and I learned and practiced at DeepGreen Bank and emphasized and perfected very early on at Kaleidico. Getting the customer to close a transaction is all about matching their usage patterns to the usuage patterns of the sales person or automated [...]

Adaptive Optimization for Sale Conversion

Jeff Bell discusses the use of evolutionary algorithms to create learning systems. Systems that continually adapt and optimize your lead conversion methodologies. This is a radical enhancement to the typical "round robin" allocation of leads or even the static prioritization of leads (i.e., product and service requests). This is very exciting in that is evolves [...]

Cuban has the Midas Touch

He does it again with IceRocket.com.

Innovating on the Economic Tendency to Overbuild

I think the remnants of the last boom and the maturation of software is what the Web 2.0 buzz is really about. This is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs, but probably a tempting drug to investors (i.e., cheap prototype, easy proof of concept, lots of buzzing gadgeteers, and rapid flame-out). With sites like ning.com you [...]

Is Apple Transitioning to a Media & Entertainment Company?

Apple has always been a favorite of creative and media-type people. The Disney acquisition of Pixar, Steve Jobs being the single largest shareholder of Disney, and Apple promoting rock concerts seem to all be logical moves for an emerging media company. Technorati Tags: billrice, Apple, pixar, disney

Take Me Out to the Laptop

Play Ball! Thank you Mark Cuban for being before your time and showing us what was possible--Remember broadcast.com? (Via Wired News.)

Secure RSS for Financial Services

Ask and you shall receive. A couple of days ago as the MicroPersuasion Blog talked about AOL charging a fee to ensure email delivery to their clients and Dave Winer and Fred Wilson talked about making RSS simple enough to become mainstream--I pondered if this was an answer to a major problem I run into [...]

The Last Bubble makes it Cheaper to Disrupt than Migrate

The last bubble and aggressive consumer adoption of the Internet channel for retail transactions are going to create opportunities for disruptive innovation. Wired highlights why we are in a market where it is cheaper to innovate than to carefully migrate to the Internet. Wired 14.02: The New Boom First, technology adoption has continued at a [...]