Twitter is better when smart people follow you

I have soured a bit on Twitter over the last couple of years. I don’t use it as much as I once did and when I do, I don’t really enjoy it, like I used to. Having said that, I do believe in Twitter (I’m a shareholder). I think it will be critical Internet infrastructure. [...]

Changing the Filter on Authenticity

Doing my morning read of my favorite sages and I came across this great one by Chris Brogan: I Am Not Authentic. Here's a little snippet that got my mind cranks whirring... Be Helpful There’s a lot that goes with true authenticity that isn’t helpful. Instead, the people we connect with would be much better [...]

Software Engineers Learning to Listen to Users

Image via Wikipedia Another software gem from Dave Winer--be a user and listen to users. Hopefully, he will continue to build out this advice, but I thought it was valuable to pull it out and highlight here: 1. Be a user. Develop apps you yourself have a use for. If you don't have a feeling [...]

LendingTree and the Tale of Two Crises

Last week LendingTree had two crises. Crisis 1The first, was relatively small. A few former employees used their access to customer inquiries (leads), most likely for personal gain, to give unauthorized lenders access to LendingTree's Lenders Network. Sure, I and a lot of other people can think of the worst possible ramifications of this incident. [...]

Contact Management for Twitter

No more excuses for not staying in contact with friends, family, and business contact. Now you can have social contact management that works seamlessly with your existing Twitter. Here is the idea and what to do: Get Twitter or have Twitter, who doesn't have Twitter yet? Follow salestwit Sign-up for a "closed" beta invite at [...]