People and Blogs I Get Inspiration From

Dave Winer ( tune into Dave's thoughts everyday. This can be challenging at times since our politics are so far apart. When a cross-post to Huffington Posts hits I often want to hit the unsubscribe button on my RSS reader. I don't because that would only make me dumb. I most admire his simplicity. [...]

Who Inspires You?

I have been running hard this week. Early wake-ups and late shut-downs. Running out of gas... So, I popped open my RSS feedreader looking for inspiration (I suppose). And, I found it in Chris Brogan's "Inspiration and Origins": My big point: none of us are originals. It’s okay. And I’ve DEFINITELY done it myself, where [...]

In Case Anyone Wants to Know Kaleidico’s Strategy

From one of the smartest guys in the software business, Joel Spolsky: I've never learned as much about business strategy as I did from the simple infantry concept called fire and motion (it's also sometimes referred to as fire and movement). Here is how it works. You fire at the enemy. That's the fire part. [...]