3 Things Your Internet Marketing System Should Have

Internet marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow awareness, audience, and customers for your business’ products and services. Surprisingly though, many businesses delay or avoid online marketing and suffer the results in lost sales.

Your customers are looking for you on the Internet. Why wouldn’t you be there? Convinced? Ready to give it a try?

Internet marketing system

Here are three critical components every business’ Internet marketing system should include:

1. Careful Research and Clear Goals

Don’t forget that the Internet is not just a marketing channel, but also a very effective research tool. Use searches to find consumer demand and competitive snooping to look for opportunities.

In addition, to searching and browsing websites related to your industry the rise of social media can give you direct insight into the mind of your customer. Researching social media chatter can reveal potential customers, their needs, and how they make buying decisions.

Pay particular attention to how they are using the Internet to find products and services to purchase. With this information, you will know exactly how and where to market your product to maximize your reach.

Once your research is done, use the information to set goals for your marketing campaign. All goals should follow a SMART system: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timetabled.

Finally, take an honest look at your company’s capabilities along with the market information, and make sure your planned marketing campaign is something that you can realistically accomplish in a timely manner. A successful online campaign can always be expanded later.

2. Create an Online Elevator Pitch

First impressions are critical in life—business is no exception.

Unfortunately, the Internet only compresses the time you have to give a positive impression. Your prospective customers are only going to give your email, website, or landing page a few seconds.

Seconds…that’s all the time you have to convey your value proposition and convince them to take action. Crafting an effective elevator pitch is the best strategy to building a compelling message that will ultimately convert that visitor to a customer.

Start with a brief, but informative introduction to your product or service, one that highlights your unique value proposition. The key is to quickly differentiate your business from the competition.

Central to any good elevator pitch is a clear explanation of the problem, need, or want that your product or service addresses. Try to personalize your message(s) to fit your target audience. And in all cases ensure that your message is simple and clear.

Strengthen your claims with statistics, testimonials, and case studies that will quickly draw the attention of potential buyers.

3. Feed Your Campaign with Fresh Content

Now that you’re armed with good research and a strong core value proposition, it’s time to start your Internet marketing program.

Whether you market through a company blog, on a social media site or directly on your company website, the key to building a buying audience is fresh, unique, compelling content. Great content will not only help optimize your website to reach the top search engine ranking, but will also keep you customer tuned into your social media channels for your latest updates.

Granted, adding fresh content requires and investment of time and resources, but it’s one that will be richly rewarded in the future. However, it takes consistency and frequency to get the results you want. This is where hiring professional content creators—writers, designers, and videographers can help accelerate your online marketing plan.

What have you found important in building an Internet marketing for your business?


There is nothing more reward, or quite frankly educational than teaching someone something. This has long been a passion of mine. I love learning new and interesting things, but for me I never feel like I quite have it down until I teach it.

Often this teaching comes in the form of blogging, an ebook, maybe a video or webinar,



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More than 50% of Online Advertising happens on two or three sites

The lead management problem keeps growing with the dramatic shift of advertising to the Internet:

There’s also an interesting chart that goes Nielsen provides showing Internet Advertising is grown (spend increased) by almost 50% from a year ago – at least, that is what the chart is saying to me.

(Via WebMetricsGuru.)

As to the concentration of online advertising to two or three sites, I wonder how much of this is created by the lead generation industry (i.e., LendingTree, LowerMyBills, LoanWeb)? This shows that there is no doubt they at least contribute to the effect as some of the top media buyers. So, I then wonder if this advertising will disburse with innovative concepts like Root Markets and Leadpoint?

Lew Ranieri: “The new sex symbol of Wall Street will be the lead trader”

Lew Ranieri, the father of Wall Street’s and Salomon Brothers’ mortgage debt (bond) market (check-out Liar’s Poker for his story), comments on the emerging high volume market in customer inquiries (intentions) or commonly referred to as leads.

Mr. Ranieri, describes how scale drives exchanges, and exchanges drive pricing efficiencies, which then drives additional scale and liquidity.

Very interesting and important concept to companies that are engaging consumers via the Internet.

(Via TRANSPARENT BUNDLES by Seth Goldstein.)

Identity and the Future of Online Media/Advertising

Dave Winer’s comments in his “Is Web 2.0 a bubble?” post, particularly this part:

“Don’t we all know that web advertising is a scam? A friend who writes for a very big news site said the other day that he had never clicked on an advertising link. Even people whose salaries are paid by the advertising industry think it’s a scam. And scam is just another word for bubble.”

Has me continuing to think about where online media and advertising markets will go when they mature beyond the current mindless aggregation of largely arbitrary click-throughs. I think it will have a lot to do with Identity and not just who I say I am, but who I really am. That is why I think it is important to understand we do not own our identity it is created. This is what creates our constellation.

This is where we are going.