Introduction to SEO Backlinks

Bill Rice gives you a quick introduction to some simple, ready to use SEO backlink techniques. Get more Internet marketing tips and training by subscribing to Bill Rice's newsletter.

3 Things Your Internet Marketing System Should Have

Internet marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow awareness, audience, and customers for your business’ products and services. Surprisingly though, many businesses delay or avoid online marketing and suffer the results in lost sales. Your customers are looking for you on the Internet. Why wouldn’t you be there? Convinced? Ready to give [...]


There is nothing more reward, or quite frankly educational than teaching someone something. This has long been a passion of mine. I love learning new and interesting things, but for me I never feel like I quite have it down until I teach it. Often this teaching comes in the form of blogging, an ebook, [...]


  Kaleidico was a company I started in 2005, and continue to own and operate, because I thought there was a better way to make CRM software. I was right! Our talented group of software engineers and I perfected a pull-based lead management software. The concept was simple, but the software was hard--obviously, since six [...]


"Leads2007 will be an extraordinary event for all current and potential lead buyers and mortgage brokers to attend. The content of this conference will be generated by you and me. This format will encourage extremely relevant conversations about lead metrics, lead quality, Internet sales techniques, lead management, lead generation, and much more."read more | digg [...]

Corporate Blogging, Not Optional

Good case study article on why corporate blogging is less and less of an option. It is a key component of any successful corporate marketing portfolio. Take a look and see how top companies like Quicken Loans, the #1 Internet lender and Kaleidico, the #1 lead management and sales software firm are using blogs to [...]

More than 50% of Online Advertising happens on two or three sites

The lead management problem keeps growing with the dramatic shift of advertising to the Internet: There's also an interesting chart that goes Nielsen provides showing Internet Advertising is grown (spend increased) by almost 50% from a year ago - at least, that is what the chart is saying to me. (Via WebMetricsGuru.) As to the [...]

Lew Ranieri: “The new sex symbol of Wall Street will be the lead trader”

Lew Ranieri, the father of Wall Street's and Salomon Brothers' mortgage debt (bond) market (check-out Liar's Poker for his story), comments on the emerging high volume market in customer inquiries (intentions) or commonly referred to as leads. Mr. Ranieri, describes how scale drives exchanges, and exchanges drive pricing efficiencies, which then drives additional scale and [...]

Identity and the Future of Online Media/Advertising

Dave Winer's comments in his "Is Web 2.0 a bubble?" post, particularly this part: "Don't we all know that web advertising is a scam? A friend who writes for a very big news site said the other day that he had never clicked on an advertising link. Even people whose salaries are paid by the [...]