What Online Lead Generation Best Practices Should Be…

Jere Doyle of Prospectiv dissects what online lead generation best practices should truly be addressing: What our industry needs is to come out with firm best practices that address HOW leads are collected and WHAT advertisers do with leads once they get them. Issues such as transparency, data sharing, and misleading promotions need to be [...]

Twitter Feed Used for CA Fire Emergency Alerts. Where is Text Message Emergency Network?

Google Blogoscoped highlights KBPS's use of Twitter in providing civil emergency information. I am curious why no one has harnessed the power and ubiquity of text messaging and the cell network for a standing emergency alert system. I am currently flying into LA and San Diego for a week in the heart of these fires. [...]

Entrpreneur Looking for Balance?

If you are one of "us," passionate entrepreneurs trying to figure out what "balance" is--Tony D. Clark of Success from the Nest gives us The Picture-in-Picture. Note: He is a very talented cartoonist too. Tags: tony d clark, success from the nest, entrepreneur

The Modern Newsroom? The Future Organization.

Dave Winer reflects on the newsroom of the future. Highlighting diversity of age and backgrounds, curiously linked. All immediately available to the World via wifi. I would extend it to a good possibility for the corporation of the future. A future with less need and reliance on corporate infrastructure. A future where working with people [...]

5 Fundamentals for Success from Lou Holtz

I just finished seeing and listening to Lou Holtz. What a rush! Truly a man who has earned the title COACH. Here are his 5 fundamentals for success: 1. Own Your Attitude Don't let anyone else control your attitude. 2. Believe in Fundamentals Establish non-negotiable values and fundamentals to baseline your life. 3. Understand What [...]

Friendfeed-What are you reading?

This is what I have been waiting for: FriendFeed. I wan't to know what my friends and blog readers are doing, reading, watching, consuming. This could be better than any filter, news site, periodical, or newspaper, or search engine for my daily information, IMHO. Tags: friendfeed, social content, social software

Don’t Use Geocities as a Social Networking Comparable

Marc Andresseen takes exception to the recent comparisons of social networking platforms to Geocities. Specifically, he cites the Wall Street Journal and Steve Ballmer. I found this curious because I had a very similar conversation recently with the CEO of a major lead generation platform. That individual, who had direct familiarity with Geocities, had similar [...]

Mint the New Proactive Lead Generation

In case you missed it, Mint won the TechCrunch40 Top Tech Company Award. Mint is a new simple way for you to manage your money online. At first glance, it seems to be a more intuitive and user-friendly personal accounting replacement for Intuit's Quicken. However, as you begin using Mint you begin to note how [...]

Why is Social Networking Important?

Just in case you are still trying to figure out why social networking is a trend you should be monitoring--Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid stupid proofs it for you. Throughout life you, like any good investment, are always a product of your leverage and ability to scale. That is what a social network is all about. [...]

Getting Local is the Next Lead Generation Frontier

Where is the next lead generation frontier? I think it is becoming increasingly clear that getting local should be in your strategic plan if you are in the lead generation business. Mike Sachoff, of www.webpronews.com points out the glaring opportunity: The dollar gap between U.S. local online spending and total local media ad spending is [...]