What Online Lead Generation Best Practices Should Be…

Jere Doyle of Prospectiv dissects what online lead generation best practices should truly be addressing:

What our industry needs is to come out with firm best practices that address HOW leads are collected and WHAT advertisers do with leads once they get them. Issues such as transparency, data sharing, and misleading promotions need to be tackled head-on. When we talk about consumer data, isn’t the bigger issue the reselling of this personal data over and over again without the consumer’s knowledge or consent? Best practices that deal with these types of issues are what the industry lacks.

Unfortunately, we often dive to the minutiae when everyone is dancing around self-interest and perceived loss of flexibility in our practices.

I could probably script 10 Best Practices for Online Lead Generation in a day, without much effort.

I think I will!

Watch for tomorrow’s post…

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Twitter Feed Used for CA Fire Emergency Alerts. Where is Text Message Emergency Network?

Google Blogoscoped highlights KBPS’s use of Twitter in providing civil emergency information. I am curious why no one has harnessed the power and ubiquity of text messaging and the cell network for a standing emergency alert system.

I am currently flying into LA and San Diego for a week in the heart of these fires. I will be subscribed to the Tweeter feed and have it piped to my cell.

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The Modern Newsroom? The Future Organization.

Dave Winer reflects on the newsroom of the future. Highlighting diversity of age and backgrounds, curiously linked. All immediately available to the World via wifi.

I would extend it to a good possibility for the corporation of the future. A future with less need and reliance on corporate infrastructure. A future where working with people is more stable than working in a corporation.

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5 Fundamentals for Success from Lou Holtz

I just finished seeing and listening to Lou Holtz. What a rush! Truly a man who has earned the title COACH. Here are his 5 fundamentals for success:

1. Own Your Attitude

Don’t let anyone else control your attitude.

2. Believe in Fundamentals

Establish non-negotiable values and fundamentals to baseline your life.

3. Understand What You are Trying to Do

Make it simple. For him it was graduate players and win. That is all.

4. Be a Dreamer

No one wants to follow someone with a "strategic plan."

5. Build Relationships

Be trustworthy. Do things to the best of your ability. Care about others.

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Don’t Use Geocities as a Social Networking Comparable

Marc Andresseen takes exception to the recent comparisons of social networking platforms to Geocities. Specifically, he cites the Wall Street Journal and Steve Ballmer.

I found this curious because I had a very similar conversation recently with the CEO of a major lead generation platform. That individual, who had direct familiarity with Geocities, had similar comments and opinions.

My line of discussion (similar to Silence Dogood’s theft of my thoughts) was that I believed there is value, to a advertising platform, to figure out social networks and harvest them. They are, like my TargusInfo Online Lead Quality Summit presentation points, out filled with advertising gold:

  • Self-targeted,
  • Full of sneezers,
  • Guided by influencers, and
  • Trust is built in

His response:

I am not sure there is much of an opportunity. It is like Geocities. People will put up a bunch of nonsense and tell you their favorite baseball team and band, but they won’t talk about their finances and money matters.

I think that these analogies are passing on an opportunity because the problem is too hard. I think that means green field opportunity with little competition. What do you think? I would love to hear your comments…

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Mint the New Proactive Lead Generation

In case you missed it, Mint won the TechCrunch40 Top Tech Company Award. Mint is a new simple way for you to manage your money online.

At first glance, it seems to be a more intuitive and user-friendly personal accounting replacement for Intuit’s Quicken. However, as you begin using Mint you begin to note how effectively it is proactively generating lucrative leads for various financial services companies from your financial data. As it scrubs for opportunities for you to save on expenditures and improve returns on your money it is spitting out opportunities for you to proactively engage companies with a better deal.

This is not just personal accounting software it is a lead generation platform (also note Sy Fahimi, CEO of Adteractive is an investor).

This platform raises two important innovative opportunities:

  1. Can the companies that are receiving these lucrative leads have the analytic capability to effective improve their retention and win rates?
  2. Once you receive a win can you effectively manage that lead into a conversion?

This is a true example of a marketing (yes, I see Mint as marketing and lead generation) company learning to stock the pond with consumers that self-organize, target, and initiate. Lead generation continues it evolutionary march.

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Why is Social Networking Important?

Hugh MacLeod-GapingVoidJust in case you are still trying to figure out why social networking is a trend you should be monitoring–Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid stupid proofs it for you.

Throughout life you, like any good investment, are always a product of your leverage and ability to scale. That is what a social network is all about.

Leverage is all about the depth and genuineness of the relationship. Is there trust? Have you provided consistent and repeated value to your network? This allows you to quickly and effective rally your community to action.

Scale is about having the right relationships that allow you to quickly expand your innovation or initiatives to the broader market. Is your network vertically or horizontally industry focused? Are the relationships generally at a level that impact decisions? These questions will determine if you have the ability to quickly scale an idea.

Social networks are important and certainly critical to being effective as an entrepreneur. Stop wondering if it is important and work on creating and shaping a better network.

Getting Local is the Next Lead Generation Frontier

Where is the next lead generation frontier? I think it is becoming increasingly clear that getting local should be in your strategic plan if you are in the lead generation business. Mike Sachoff, of www.webpronews.com points out the glaring opportunity:

The dollar gap between U.S. local online spending and total local media ad spending is large with $97 billion going to offline media such as yellow pages and newspapers. Only 2.9 percent of all local ad spending will go online in 2007, or $2.9 billion.

The obvious drift (we all probably note in our daily routines) of eyeballs away from local newspapers, phone books, and radio–the media of that current $97 billion annual spend–will drive the shift of dollars to follow the eyes.

The question now becomes who will be the players in this emerging market. The big media brands, who are currently moving aggressively into the space, or some as yet unknown homegrown local media moguls?

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