Google Calendar is Live

This was the last item for me to move off Outlook and port to Gmail, even for my owned domains.

TechCrunch » Google Calendar is Live: “Google Calendar has officially gone live at A tour of Calendar is available here.

Dave Winer may have been the first to write about it on CNET also has a story.

My first impression – It’s fast, slick and stable. Calendar is Ajax driven and, as I mentioned, very fast. Adding an event is as easy as typing ‘Dinner with Keith tomorrow at 8pm’ and Calendar structures the data properly and places a correct calendar entry. This entry can be dragged around the screen to a new day or time.”

(Via TechCrunch.)

I can wait until Google opens the Writely beta. That will probably take me out of Microsoft Word. We are getting closer and closer to the ubiquitous Web desktop talked about in the 90s. At that point start piling your money into EVDO stock because everyone will want/need to be connected 24/7.