Dave Winer (Scripting.com)-I tune into Dave’s thoughts everyday. This can be challenging at times since our politics are so far apart. When a cross-post to Huffington Posts hits Scripting.com I often want to hit the unsubscribe button on my RSS reader.

I don’t because that would only make me dumb.

I most admire his simplicity. His writing style, his projects, and his thoughts are always a quest for simple clarity and elegance. I frequently point our engineers to his blog posts for guidance.

Favorite Winer ideas: Outliners, Rebooting the News, Editorial tools, Future-safe archives, 2, 3.

Jason Fried (37signals.com/svn)-Jason has always been a virtual mentor to me. His company is a super successful Micro-ISV.

I admire his demonstration of scale using the magic of keeping it simple. I guess I like simple, huh? I also like the fact that he writes all his own Web copy.

Favorite Fried ideas: UI design and feature minimalism

Matt Mullenweg (Ma.tt)-How could you not pay attention to Matt? His platform and software jujitsu literally seems to power the Internet.

Favorite Mullenweg ideas: Community building, How he works/managing a virtual company

Chris Brogan (ChrisBrogan.com)-Chris is another one that I tune into daily. There are lots of things to like about Chris, but mostly he is just a genuine, nice guy (I have met him in person a couple of times).

I most admire Chris’ way of asking questions and generating open thinking. His power as a community leader is impressive. This is what draws me to read him for inspiration. I often get more value from the discussion he generates than his own daily post(s).

Favorite Brogan ideas: Trust Agents, Fish Where the Fish Are, Giving Ideas Handles (I am specifically working on getting better at this)

Joel Spolsky (JoelOnSoftware.com)-Joel is someone I first plugged into via his book (Joel on Software), not his blog. Although, his blog preceded the book by about four years. I subscribed to his software management philosophy long before I bought his software, Fogbugz.

We have used it at Kaleidico from day one.

Favorite Spolsky ideas: How to write specs, Paper prototyping, UI Designing, 2

Interestingly enough there are no sales gurus here. Why? Simple, few sales gurus are as successful as these guys. Sales is only one facet of a much larger business success strategy.

The point is when you are looking for business ideas and inspiration look for examples, not advice. Each of these people have common trend to their core philosophies–an intense focused on people (users).

Who inspires you? Who do you follow daily?

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