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ASecretDoor1…OK, not really, we just thought that sounded cool.

Welcome to The Rice Report!

You should know: if you’re here, (and you are), you should have a serious interest in getting an insider’s look at the tips, tools, and tactics of Web-based marketing today. Healthy curiosities are OK, too, but you’ll get from this community what you put into it, so take advantage; participate, share, contribute–this is a group effort.

Think of The Rice Report (and our Facebook group, The Backchannel, which you should definitely join to get the full value of this, our virtual think tank) as something akin to the Illuminati or the Bilderbergs–except that we’re real.

Oh, and rather than governing the global affairs of mankind from posh, remote locations in the Swiss Alps or something, we just happen to have a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to things like search engine optimization (SEO), attracting and driving Web traffic, community-building, putting together an integrated campaign, social media strategies, human behavioral patterns, etc.

Also, unlike other super secret organizations, we actually want to share our accrued lessons and encyclopedic knowledge with you. See, there’s a lot of terms and concepts floating around out there and, to many, the whole process of Web marketing smacks of voodoo, or some kind of techie boys’ club.

We want to dispel those notions to democratize and simplify things.

So, rather than burning a prayer card in your hands, or dressing up in snazzy capes and cowls and threatening you with ornate daggers to keep your silence, all you have to do to join is fill out the handy little form below.

Go ahead. We’ll wait. (While we wait, we’re going to hum some ethereal, Enya-style music in our heads, and maybe chant a few nonsensical Latin phrases–just for atmosphere.)

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