One of my favorite writers, Chris Brogan, wrote about independence today. I totally agree with his premise–Independence Isn’t Freedom. However, I approach the challenge in a different way. So, I thought I might share.

Chris has spent the last year or so digging into the religious teachings and philosophies of the far east. Best I can tell from reading his revelations and the little studying I have done on the topic, there is a large reliance on inner-self for freedom, for strength, for salvation (whatever that might mean to you).

I have a different spiritual understanding of how to achieve freedom. I’m a Christian.

This belief compels a completely different approach to freedom. It’s a resolution that I can’t do it alone, I can’t muster sufficient inner-strength to push through the toughest of life’s challenges, and I can’t achieve my salvation with personal independence.

To me this makes sense. I think that this truth has logical representation in common day-to-day challenges. People need personal trainers and coaches to achieve substantial weight-loss and world-class performances. People need life coaches and mentors to achieve business successes they were personally, mentally blocked from conceiving.

Independence is not freedom, but it is the first step. It is the commitment to free yourself from constricting tyranny and sinful influence. It is a turning away. It’s a pursuit of freedom from that which held you back from your true potential. It’s a realization that you are free despite your imperfections and failures. A freedom to know you have a purpose, are part of a plan, and ultimately are loved.

Our forefathers believe that independence was a necessary step. Not independence from all but self, but an independence from tyranny. A hard, persecuted, but necessary step to achieve freedom.

Happy Independence Day! What do you need to cast off today? What do you need to turn away from so you can pursue freedom?