Bill Rice Internet Marketer is not Bill Rice Ranch

Bill Rice Internet Marketer vs Bill Rice RanchBill Rice Ranch is not to be confused with Bill Rice, the Internet Marketer in Southeast Michigan.

According to Wikipedia, “The Bill Rice Ranch is a Christian Summer Camp in Murfreesboro Tennessee that was founded by Bill Rice to provide a place for preaching the gospel to teens, especially the deaf.”

Bill Rice (and his wife Cathy) started it initially, because their daughter became deaf when she contracted meningitis.  They both became extremely interested in helping deaf people, especially helping them receive the Christian message.

Today, Wil Rice IV is the president of the Bill Rice Ranch.

The Bill Rice Ranch offers a lot of different things for people who are or want to become devout Christians.  It opened in 1953 as a means of reaching deaf people, a group that often gets overlooked.  The Bill Rice Ranch has grown to something much larger now.

Today, the Bill Rice Ranch has two (2) locations.  The original Bill Rice Ranch location is in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  However, demand became large enough from the western part of the United States that West Branch, a western extension of the Bill Rice Ranch, opened its doors in 1989.  West Branch is located in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Bill Rice Ranch – West Branch

Bill Rice II had a vision of opening a second ministry since the 1960’s.  Bill envisioned opening up one camp for youth and another camp for adults.  This way, churches could reduce their transportation costs by bringing both groups of people to the Bill Rice Ranch West Branch from their church.  Another benefit would be to find some adults from the visiting church to lead the visiting children’s groups.

The West Branch location originally was intended to cater to people living on the west side of the county.  Today, it has grown to become its own center, having a life of its own.

Unfortunately, the West Branch location in Flagstaff could not accommodate the growing demand.  Therefore, this center is not operating currently.  However, the Bill Rice Ranch has 155 acres in Williams, Arizona, and they hope to open their new location soon.

As of this writing, one big hurdle to overcome was being able to install proper sanitation systems, but it seems like they will be allowed to put in a standard septic system.  So that opening day might be coming.  They will be seeking volunteers to help do some work toward helping it open.

They still have conferences

For now, the ministry travels and visits local area churches and is called “West Branch on the Move!”

Bill Rice Ranch Christian Academy (BRCA) Offerings

The Bill Rice Ranch is run by full-time staff and volunteers.  The Bill Rice Ranch offers many different opportunities for their guests.

The mission of the Bill Rice Ranch is to help deaf people receive God’s word and spread Christianity.  Today, their reach extends beyond serving deaf people; however, they still are a big provider of the message to people with hearing loss.  They even have summer camps that help train people to spread the word to deaf people.

The Bill Rice Ranch offers summer camps.  They offer day camps and overnight ones.  The overnight camps range from two (2) days to an entire week.

They also offer interesting retreats.   Besides offering retreats for men, women, youth, and teens, they also have a unique event coming in 2012.  They will be hosting the “Day of Champions,” an all-day teen event.

The “Day of Champions” will be a serious of physical tournaments, including volleyball, basketball, football, ping-pong, dodge ball, fooseball (remember the tabletop version?), bungee run, and jousting.  They will have other activities there throughout the day, also.

The Bill Rice Ranch would not be the Bill Rice Ranch without hosting activities without catering to its mission, serving deaf people.  They have deaf camps, which are week-long events that promote Bible study mixed with physical and social activities. They also have deaf camps for adults that offer Bible teachings, swimming, and other activities.

Bill Rice Ranch Dress Code

According to their website, the Bill Rice Ranch has a dress code that they enforce.  (Comments on the Internet support this.)

For ladies, the website says, “Bring skirts, dresses, or culottes/divided skirts of proper length (knee-length) and fullness. No shorts, slacks, or capris please.”

For men, the website says, “Bring sport clothes for activities. Jeans are fine but no shorts, please.”

Bill Rice Ranch Testimonials

“We are thankful that we have the opportunity to send our children to such a fine, dynamic Christian school. Not only are the kids attaining a great, rounded education; but also there is a strong emphasis on building good and godly character.” (Murfreesboro)

“Our decision to join BRCA came from knowing we had to make a change in our son’s education. We knew he was not learning as he should be; therefore, we were very concerned. BRCA has been a positive change for him. The teachers have been very patient and willing to take extra time with him. I am very pleased with BRCA and thrilled that my younger son will have an excellent start to his education!” (Readyville)

“I am so thankful for the privilege to have [our son] at BRCA. The teachers have genuine concern and love for the kids, and the standard of excellence brings out the best in them. The maturity that [he] has shown since starting is remarkable! I’m so grateful for a school that reinforces everything we’re teaching at home. What a blessing!” (Murfreesboro)

“We have been thrilled with our choice to send our son to kindergarten at BRCA. We truly feel that the Lord answered our prayers for a school that would teach him academically and spiritually. The teachers love what they do and have a heart to see these children succeed in their work while basing their everyday life in the Bible. The consistency and strength of our son’s education at BRCA so far convinces us that we made the right choice.” (Nolensville)

“This is our son’s first year at BRCA, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school. He gets up everyday excited about going to school and is encouraged by his teachers and peers to excel in his studies and be the very best student and friend he can be. It gives me great satisfaction to know my son is getting a wonderful Christian and academic education.” (Murfreesboro)

“My son has been attending for five years now, and I have seen a definite difference in academics and character when comparing him to boys his age who attend public schools. He is much further ahead in his knowledge in math, science, history, reading, and spelling. He also knows how to behave and treat others with respect. He has learned and adopted incredible discipline at Bill Rice [Christian Academy].” (Murfreesboro)

“BRCA is the best school around. The teachers take a strong interest in helping your child to grow spiritually as well as academically! The teachers also help their students to grow in character.” (Nashville)

“BRCA is a great school in a wonderful Christian environment. We like the fact that our child can go to school and pray and talk about God. It is also comforting to know when I take my child to school that I do not have to worry about their safety or environment.” (Murfreesboro)

“We have a forty minute drive one way to bring our son to BRCA. It is a long drive but well worth it. We are very happy with the school and all it has to offer toward our son’s education. We are thankful that we found BRCA.” (Readyville)

“We love BRCA! It has been an answer to prayer for us, and we sincerely believe the Lord led us to [BRCA]. We have been thrilled with [the faculty] and their devotion and love for their students. The best things are what the children learn in Bible study, scripture memorizations and that they love school!” (Nolensville)


Bill Rice Ranch-Main (Bill Rice Christian Academy-BRCA)

627 Bill Rice Ranch Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37128-4555

(615) 893-2767

Registration: (800) 253-7423 {800-253-RICE}

Bill Rice Ranch-West Branch (West Branch on the Move)

2501 E. Pinetree Dr, Williams, AZ 86046 (Postal Address)

(928) 635-2097

Registration: (800) 253-7423 {800-253-RICE}

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