Bill Rice the Internet Marketer

Hi, this is Bill Rice. I’m an Internet marketing expert.

I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been designing and creating innovative Internet marketing campaigns for over 12 years. In Internet time, experience that spans over a decade is significant. In early 2000, when I was a part of building an Internet-only bank (DeepGreen Bank, which I also assisted in selling to Light Year Capital, a private equity firm, in 2004) the Internet was only beginning its evolution to a place for making money.

At that time, the Internet has literally transitioned from infancy, with availability to only a few elite technicians, to adolescence and complete ubiquity. Internet marketing was a much different game from 2000-2004. There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Google+. Can you even imagine a world without social media? Even Google was only a fledgling company and AdWords hadn’t really launched to any significance until 2002-2003. So, Internet marketing in those days were getting listed in Yahoo’s directory, an entry in Bankrate’s rate tables (online, but more importantly in major metropolitan business sections of good old fashion newspapers), mentions in Web forums, and lots of traditional media mentions. Internet marketing was a game of pushing people from the offline world to a website because people didn’t hang-out online they dialed-in.

Oh, how things have changed.

Fast forward to today’s Internet marketing landscape. Let’s consider for a moment the breadth of knowledge you need to run an integrated online marketing campaign. Let’s simplify things by merely listing a summary list of required skills.

That’s only the beginning of what comes on my radar as the CEO and Creative Director at Kaleidico, a full-service digital marketing agency started in 2005.

This is just a short history of the experience that goes behind each Internet marketing campaign that I and Kaleidico, my Internet marketing firm, creates for each client…every time.