Bill Rice Internet Marketer is not Bill Rice Band

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Bill Rice Band is not to be confused with Bill Rice, the Internet Marketer in Southeast Michigan.

Bill Rice is the lead singer of the Bill Rice Band, which is beginning to make significant headway into the Texas country music scene.

Bill Rice the singer has a sweet, smooth voice that is made perfectly for the soulful country music that he sings.  His website describes his music as a blend of “…Americana, Southern Rock and Country.”  While he can sing slow songs, many of his songs have a moderate to fast rhythm that uplifts many of his adoring listeners.

Here are the Bill Rice Band members.

Bill Rice, the singer, came from rural Oklahoma, and he attended Oklahoma State University.  While going to college, Bill worked as a bouncer and met many country musicians.

According to his website, Bill Rice’s musical influences are “Chris Knight, Merle Haggard, Walt Wilkins, Jimmy Lafave, Monte Montgomery, Keith Urban, John Cougar and Allman Brothers.”

Bill Rice has even performed with some great names in country music.  Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Cory Morrow, Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, Charlie Robison, Jason Boland, Stoney Larue, and Monte Montgomery are the ones he lists on his website, but he indicates that this list is actually longer.

Bill Rice has recorded two CDs.  His first CD was “I’d Do It All Again.”  The second CD that Bill Rice released was “Long Hard Ride.”

The songs on the Bill Rice Band website are

Bill Rice has performed in benefit concerts.  Bill went to Iraq for a month in April 2010 to entertain the soldiers serving their country.  In November 2010, he played at Colbert, Oklahoma (his home town) to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple System Atrophy.  One of Bill Rice’s relatives is suffering from this, and the Bill Rice Band was trying to raise money and awareness of this horrible medical affliction.

Bill Rice, the singer, had two near-death experiences and plenty of stories that he survived and lived to tell from his bar visiting and bouncing days.

Reportedly, Bill Rice’s newest release, “Long Hard Ride,” was written for his grandpa who left us before Bill Rice turned into a teenager.  Bill might have been young, but Bill’s grandfather’s wisdom left a lifetime mark of influence on Bill.

The songwriter for the Bill Rice Band’s second album, “Long Hard Ride,” was paid a special honor.

Jerry Foster is part of the songwriting duo of himself and Bill Rice.  Jerry was already a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, but he was invited to the Country Music Hall of Fame for an question and answer session interview.

Bill Rice of the Bill Rice Band says, “I write real music for real people.”



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Buck Judkins/Artist Management

(817) 498-4700


(512) 731-4606

Radio Promotion

Cabin Creek Promotions

Dorothea Ivey

(830) 253-8813

Record Label

Aaron Ave Records

(817) 274-5010


“Bill’s record is top notch!  His songs are great and his voice is as soulful as you will hear.  The great production on this record adds to the high quality he was goin’ for. “I’d Do It All Again” is as good a debut album as you will find in my opinion.”- Kevin Fowler

“I was honored to sing on Bill Rice’s record.  His voice is as warm & open as the Texas plains.  He writes & sings about real life, with a no-bullshit sensibility.  It’s going to be fun watching folks get their ears on Bill.”- Walt Wilkins

“Bill Rice’s songs remind me of Dallas Frazer or Bob McDill.  They’re great songwriters too.  And when I hear Bill sing, I think of Merle Haggard.  That’s about as good as it gets in my book.”-Kent Finley (Songwriter/Owner-Cheatham St Warehouse)

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