Doing my morning read of my favorite sages and I came across this great one by Chris Brogan: I Am Not Authentic.

Here’s a little snippet that got my mind cranks whirring…

Be Helpful

There’s a lot that goes with true authenticity that isn’t helpful. Instead, the people we connect with would be much better served if we chose to be helpful instead. “Helpful” is a far more useful frame of reference than authentic. But there’s more.

This really struck me because, like Chris so often does, he didn’t try to make a tired concept like authenticity understandable–he changed your perspective on the concept.

After many years of “being” online I still struggle with having the “right” filter. Do I put pictures of my kids up? Do I list my cell phone number? Do I accept business and social media “friends” into my personal Facebook account? Do I talk about my vacation? On and on…

This article changes the perspective on that struggle for balance in being authentic. It switches the filter from ME (What’s safe or appropriate to share online?) to YOU (What will be useful, motivational, beneficial to you?).

Sometimes that might be showing our team at work…

Kaledico design team

(Creative meeting at Kaleidico)

Or, how we smashed revenue records for a client with a killer email campaign…

Or, just a simple snippet of motivation for where you can go with success…

Bill Rice in Rome

(A recent little jaunt I took to Rome, Italy)

Try switching your authentic filter from ME (you) to YOU (them) and see if it gets you better results. I’m going to.

What do you think? Do you have other thoughts on “being authentic?”