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Hi! I'm Bill Rice and you've wandered into my personal website. Let me see if I can help you find what you need.

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A variety of short and long essays, maybe even a picture or two.

Mostly about marketing and entrepreneurship, but who knows what whim might take me from time to time. Take a look


Yep! Yep! - It always starts here. A positive, can do attitude, filled with initiative and passion.

Guts! - No misplaced bravado, enthusiasm, confidence, or flair on this team. We're willing to lose, but more importantly we have the confidence we can always pivot to success. That's Guts.

Make It Great - Focus on making your product or service great. Don't be distracted by trying to figure out digital marketing. Let us make sure your target customers know about your awesomeness.

Just a Favorite Quote - "In most agencies, account executives outnumber the copywriters two to one. If you were a dairy farmer, would you employ twice as many milkers as you had cows?" ~David Ogilvy

Words Matter - People don't read on the Web. True, but why? 99% of the words are psycho-babble, SEO filler, nonsense. Write brilliance. Present it elegantly. Shine a light on it. And you will be amazed.

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"Bill is a brilliant sales and marketing personality."
-Morgan Brown, Growth Hacker @ Full Stack Marketing

"Battles are won because soldiers follow their General and Bill is one of those Generals."
-Keith Burwell, Strategic Global Accounts Program Manager @ Diebold

"Bright, very thoughtful, and always interesting insights to share about technology and online marketing."
-Sandy Kory, Managing Director @ Horizon Partners

"Always ahead of the curve."
-Bruce Cook, SVP Business Development @ LendingTree

"He has a deep understanding of social media and an extensive contact network."
-George Favvas, Cofounder @ Rewardii

"He is a forward-thinking thought leader."
-Ethan Ewing, President @ Bills.com

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